How to Regrow Green Onions (Scallions)

Regrowing green onions is easy!

With some research, I found out that there are different vegetables that regrow like celery, garlic sprouts, carrot greens, just to name a few. Scallions or green onions are one of the easiest vegetables to regrow! It’s quick, easy, and manageable.

What you’ll need:

  • Store bought green onions (scallions)
  • A container to put it in
  • Knife
  • Water
  • Time and love ♡
Step 1.
Get your container and fill it with an inch or two of water into a container. I used a mason jar for this and it turned out nicely.

Step 2.

Cut the ends of the scallions and make sure to leave an inch or 2 inches.

Step 3.

Give it some sunlight by placing it on the windowsill. If you don’t, your green onions won’t have its color and it will be white instead.

Step 4.

Make sure to change out the water everyday and in a couple days you’ll see how it grows fast!

I was surprised how fast the green onions grew and the roots. This is great when you need to add a little garnish to your dish.

How big did your green onions grow? Were you able to harvest plenty of green onions?

Let me know how this quick gardening project worked out for you! 

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