Cute Cupcake Creations

I wanted to bake something special for my boyfriend, but I didn’t want plain cupcakes. So I came up with this idea of drawing cute faces on them!

They’re easy to make. It’s nice to see how cute the cupcakes turn out in the end.

Cake Mix (Any will do. I used Betty Crocker!)
Mini cupcake liners
Muffin pan
Frosting (Colors are up to you)
Toaster oven! (I don’t have a working oven…)
Sprinkles (Something small for eyes or mouth)

You’ll also need eggs, vegetable oil, and water for the cake mix.

Simply follow the directions on the box, preheat the toaster oven, line the muffin pan, pour the batter into the liner and bake accordingly.

When the cupcakes are finished, take them out and let it cool.

Now you’re ready to get frosting! This is where you get creative. Draw whatever you like.

I think next time, I won’t put so much frosting or icing because it was way too sweet!

Here is how the cupcakes turned out!

Megaman, Slime from Dragon Quest, Panda, Kirby and a bunch of randoms

This was my first time making cupcakes with faces on them. They didn’t turn out perfect, but it was fun! I’m glad to see most of the cupcakes turned out nicely.

My boyfriend has loved Megaman since he was a kid!

I also made him a Megaman out of perler beads. It was a birthday present a couple years ago. Man, did it take awhile to make! I was proud of myself that it turned out nicely! He was surprised to see it.

It’s not a cupcake, but more like a muffin. It’s a Rilakkuma muffin! My boyfriend baked me something for Valentine’s Day this year. He knows how much I love Rilakkuma! It’s so cute!

He used Krusteaz wild blueberry muffin mix and M&M’s for the eyes and mouth! Then he used a knife and cut it out by hand. :3

It was a tasty dessert!

Happy baking! :]

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