My First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions

I’ve always longed for thick and long eyelashes because I have short and sparse ones. I was curious about getting eyelash extensions too. So guess where I decided to get eyelash extensions for the first time? (Hint: it wasn’t in the U.S.) It was in Japan! It was such a good first time experience, despite the language barrier.

I went with AJ’s sister—she knows the ins and outs around Tokyo and what’s good—and she took me to this place called, Eye Candy. Isn’t the name super kawaii?

This is their website where you can book a reservation, in case you’re curious:

Getting there was easy. It was a walkable distance from the place we were staying at and it was close to the Shibuya Station. We walked up the stairs and entered the salon. From beginning to end, the two ladies were very hospitable and they provided a relaxing environment. We were gestured to remove our shoes and to put on these white, comfy slippers. Then AJ’s sister and I separated with our assigned Eyelash Stylist. If I remember correctly, I had Onizuka. She was super nice and friendly and definitely tried to help me understand my eyelash extension options. We talked from a little while, making sure we understood each other—I tried to remember words from when I took Japanese class in high school and from watching anime, but that was a fail—and tried translating some words to me using the LINE chat on her phone. I never knew they had this! I’m definitely going to download one for English to Japanese and use it the next time I’m there.

After looking through the the different pictures of eyelashes and eyelash curls, I ended up going with the natural look, recommended for first timers. She reclined my chair and got down to business. Before inserting the eyelashes extensions, she placed a cool eye mask and did her thing. I think it took about an hour to get it done. It was relaxing and I ended up falling asleep for a little and woke up towards the end. When I opened my eyes, you can feel the difference. Onizuka held up a mirror for me to see how it turned out and I was surprised! It was new seeing myself with long and curly eyelashes.

We paid up at the front counter and when doing the conversion, it came out to be a little less than $50. Isn’t that such a good deal for eyelash extensions?? For sure I’ll be getting them done again on my next trip to Japan!

Here’s what I liked about having eyelash extensions:

  • No need for applying eyeliner/curling eyelashes or applying mascara
  • Getting make-up ready fast
  • Pretty eyelashes 🙂

What I didn’t like about having eyelash extensions:

  • Maintenance
  • Waiting for the lashes to fall out
  • Having to get it filled when they fall out more
  • Not being able to rub my eyes (I know, it’s a bad habit.)

Will I get them done again? Yes! But only in Japan because it’s cheaper than getting them done in the U.S. I probably will go for the more voluminous lashes that will make my lashes look fuller. 😉

What was your first time like getting eyelash extensions? Let me know in the comments!

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