5 Foods to Try at Tokyo Disneyland

We came to Tokyo Disneyland to explore and to ride some rides, but most of all…TO EAT!

Try these 5 foods next time you’re in Tokyo Disneyland!

1. Pizza Spring Rolls

Oh-em-gee! These pizza spring rolls were the BOMB! AJ and I kept thinking about them after we left the theme park and how we regretted not getting more. I think we need this back in the Disneyland in California.

Location: Spring Roll Cart in Toon Town

2. Popcorn

We ended up at the honey popcorn stand and it was a good choice–it wasn’t too sweet or overwhelming. It was a good snack to eat while walking around the theme park. Next time, we’ll try more of the other adventurous popcorn stands like the curry, soy sauce & butter flavors. The other stands also have salt, chocolate, and caramel.

Location: Various locations around the Tokyo Disneyland (refer to theme park map)

3. Japanese Curry Plate

AJ and I ate at the Hungry Bear Restaurant for lunch and it was pretty filling! Everything tasted good. I got the Hungry Bear Plate and it came with curry, hamburger steak, chicken, and steamed vegetables. AJ ended up getting the Chicken & Roast Onion Curry Plate.

Location: Hungry Bear Restaurant in Westernland

4. Melon Soda Sugar Churro

The churro lightsaber looks cool and tastes alright–sugary with a slight melon soda flavor.

Location: Light Bite Satellite in Tomorrowland

5. Pork Rice Roll

Rice wrapped in BACON! The rice is a little chewy, but it’s worth a try.

Location: Pecos Bill Cafe in Westernland


And that’s about all the foods AJ and I were able to eat at our time there at Tokyo Disneyland. Our next theme park food adventure–Disney Sea!

What do you think you’d try? Have you already tried the foods at Tokyo Disneyland? Let me know in the comments!

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