How To Make A Baby Mobile

To all my crafty friends out there, you’re gonna love this easy baby mobile project! Read on and I’ll show you how I decided to make a baby mobile.

Last year, I found out my boyfriend’s sister was having a baby and was so excited for her. I wanted to create something special that she and her baby would love and I needed a baby shower gift. The first thing that came to mind was what kind of character does she like and I thought, Rilakkuma! Props to you if you’re a fan of Rilakkuma as much as I am! 😉

I searched on what I can make with Rilakkuma and was inspired by the blog, Lemon Tree Creations, creating a baby mobile. I loved how simple the mobile was to make and I wanted to create something too. I mainly used the blog post to get an idea how to connect the wooden dowels.

Now, for the tutorial on how to make a baby mobile.


What materials you’ll be needing:

Wooden dowels

Fishing line

Hot glue gun



Poly-fil fiber






  1. Use your pen or pencil to sketch out your pattern for the design you want.

Since I’m making a Rilakkuma baby mobile, I sketched out the outline for the shape of its head and clouds. Along with that, I sketched out the mouth, and eyes.

  1. With the pattern you created, trace that onto the felt and cut it out.

For the bear’s head, I traced 2 pieces. One for the front and back. Same for the clouds.

  1. Grab your thread and needle and start sewing your pieces together. I chose to use a blanket stitch, but you can do whatever stitching method you like best. Make sure to leave an opening for stuffing.

Be sure to sew on pieces like the ears, eyes, mouth before sewing the front and back pieces together!

  1. It’s stuffing time! Pick up some stuffing and stuff to your liking. I wanted mines soft so I used less stuffing.

  1. Next connect your dowels with the cotton twine. This is where Lemon Tree Creations comes in. I started to wrap the twine around the dowels in an ‘X’ and once I felt it was secure, I extended the twine to the desired length. Make sure to leave some extra leeway for a loop.

  1. With your fishing line, measure out the length you want. Sew one end onto your felt creation. Wrap the other end around the area where you want to glue it and make a knot.
  1. Start hot gluing the fishing line onto the dowel.


And you’re done!

I love the way it turned out and my boyfriend’s sister said it was one of her favorite gifts from her baby shower. Even until this day, her baby loves the Rilakkuma baby mobile.


Try out this tutorial and share with me on how your homemade baby mobile turned out like!


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