Say Hello to…Little Lazy Friends!


Welcome to my old followers and new! The blog went through a recent name change from, The Imperfect Notebook to Little Lazy Friends. You might be wondering why the change. I decided to rename my blog because I’m starting up an Etsy shop, Little Lazy Friends! I’ve been planning an Etsy shop for awhile now and I had to give myself that push to start it. So here I am!

Now, there isn’t anything up yet, but I am working hard on that. Here’s an idea of what I’ll be listing very soon. I made this cute panda plush as a rough draft, so there will be minor tweaks with the new ones. This little lazy fits in the palm of your hand and makes a cute companion on your desk, just like it is on my desk. 🙂

Be sure to check back here for updates on my Etsy shop and other fun things on my blog!

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