Review of the Target Dove Dry Spray

Shout out to Influenster for sending me this complimentary dry spray from Dove! I used the Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray and I had my boyfriend try out the Dove Men+Care Dry Spray in Extra Fresh.
Review for Dove Dry Spray Cool Essentials
All I can say about Dove’s Dry Spray is that it’s awesome! This is my first time using dry spray for the underarms and my underarms are quite happy. If you’re like me and you get nervous easily and you feel a little (or more…) perspiration, this will help you out.
I’ve been trying the dry spray for about a month and I would say it keeps my armpits dry for the most part. I did feel a little perspiration when I was running around at work doing some tasks, but not enough to cause any embarrassment. I don’t think it is a 48-hour anti-perspirant, but it felt more like a 24-hour anti-perspirant, depending on what you’re doing. I would assume if you’re going out for a run (which I didn’t test out), it wouldn’t control the perspiration that well. And if you have tested it out, let me know and comment below! I’d love to hear about it.
When I applied the dry spray for the first time, I gave it a quick shake, and oh man, was it cold! But it was only for a quick second and then I enjoyed the fresh, cool cucumber scent. It felt like I didn’t have any deodorant on and it didn’t leave a white residue like the stick, powder deodorants that I’ve used. What I didn’t like was that when you spray, the scent gets overpowering and I usually end up holding my breath until I move away.
So my tips would be:
  • Don’t over do it
  • Open a window/door to ventilate the room
  • Hold your breath if you have to
I do see myself getting the dry spray again in the future, maybe after this can runs out! It feels like the can is still full.


Review for Dove Men+Care Dry Spray in Extra Fresh
My boyfriend first smelled the deodorant and it smelled nice, like a soft, cotton scent. It was not strong like how you might imagine cologne would smell. After he gave it a few shakes, he sprayed it on and just like me, he said it was cold! Even ’til now, I hear him say, “Oh! That’s cold!”
He’s not a sweaty person to begin with, but he does like to wear deodorant and it acts like ‘cologne’ to him. When he used the dry spray, you could still smell the extra fresh scent at the end of the day. My boyfriend explained it kept his underarms dry, but what he didn’t like was that he felt like there was nothing on, no product left.
In the end, he said it was nice and cool to try, but he prefers to go back to using his stick deodorant.
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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