Mae Everglow Tour

May 27th was an unforgettable one because my boyfriend and I, along with friends, got to see Mae again!


In 2010, I saw Mae’s last concert and was said to be their last tour. So when we heard that Mae was having a live, streaming concert, my boyfriend and I watched them at home. At the end, they announced they were having a tour, but we didn’t see our city on the list. I was bummed.

After continuously checking their tour dates, they listed San Diego on the Everglow Tour!

At the show, I saw familiar faces from high school and was basically a little high school reunion. The stage lighting was perfect, creating an intimate setting with the crowd.

When Mae opened up, the lights were off and were slowly raised. They played their old songs and brought back high school nostalgia. Ah, it was great!

Take a listen to them. You’ll find them relaxing.

Who got to see Mae in May? Weren’t they ah-MAE-zing? (Puns! Don’t ‘cha love ’em?)

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