Empirehouse Urban Palate

On Memorial Day, my girls and I had dinner at Empirehouse Urban Palate. I found this place through Yelp—I love Yelp!—and saw the menu looked promising, so we went with that. Plus not many places were open on Memorial Day. Kudos to them!
After checking the place out, I now have to make it a point to come back and try more food and drinks off their menu!
To start off, the place was not busy. It was around 6 p.m. with plenty of seating. We just ordered two small plates to share and got ourselves some tasty drinks—the Raspberry Beret, Believe and Cabernet. Mason jars seem to be a trend in most restaurants, but they’re pretty cool. The drinks were in a tall jar and worth the money.
Off of the small plates menu, we tried out the Mac & Cheese and Red Miso BBQ Wings. I thought the cheese from the Mac was tasteless and could use a little more kick in the dish. It was interesting that they added green onions. You don’t see that a lot.
Now, the Red Miso BBQ Wings were amazing! You can taste the miso in the sauce and it’s house made. I wanted to hog the wings and eat them all! Can I say they were finger lickin’ good?! Empirehouse, do you sell the red miso sauce in a bottle because I will buy it!
After a good chat and digesting with my girls, we walked outside and talked to one of the workers. I can’t forget him because he had a distinct beard. It was long and awesome and he was cool to chat with. We were curious what was upstairs. He told us they host large parties, around 15 or more and when they opened up. They’ve been around for awhile.
Also, just next to the restaurant is their kitchen. It had a big glass window and it was cool to see what their kitchen looked like and how the food was made. The interior and exterior decor of the restaurant had an urban and homey feel to it. It was very welcoming, which is why I will be welcoming myself back.
Photo courtesy of [R. Marmolejo, friend]

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