Exploring Downtown San Diego with Deco Bike Rental

Deco Bike is a new bike rental place that’s popping up in lots of locations in San Diego, mainly the Downtown area. What’s fun about Deco Bike is everything is done through a kiosk and when you’re all finished choosing your bike, you are ready to go and ride!

My boyfriend and I tried it out one sunny day in Downtown and it was lots of fun! We rode around downtown and explored San Diego’s new Waterfront Park and tried out some mignons from Pan Bon.

But it had some downsides. We were riding our bikes and my boyfriend’s bike pedal came off! Good thing the road wasn’t too busy and we were able to pick it up safely. The part that holds it together was missing. Make sure to check everything thing is in good condition on and the bike parts are intact before getting on. There also wasn’t a service button to notify that the bike needed some work. On the kiosk screen, it mentioned there was a button, but we didn’t find it. Nevertheless, we were still able to return the bike and exchange it for a working bike. I was afraid I was going to be charged extra for another bike, but I didn’t.

Despite the issues, there were still things to like. The card you use acts as your access card to unlock the bike and you’re able to dock it at any station. Say if you need to stop by the store and around the corner is a docking station, you can leave your bike there and pick it up when you’re all finished. I like the bike rental is quick and convenient! Just swipe your card, pick your bike and ride! The hourly rental rates are not bad either.

So, if you happen to be in San Diego, give Deco Bike a shot. It’s fun being able to explore San Diego and at the same time, get some exercise.

Here’s a short video when we rode our bikes around Downtown.


Share with me your experience with Deco Bike or if you’ve been wanting to try it out!

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