Ideas for Daily Blog Posts

Try out these fun daily blogging ideas!
Monday: “Music Monday”
What song has been on your mind? You stumbled upon a new artist and fell in love with their music? Write about it on “Music Monday!”Tuesday: “Travel Tuesday”
Have you traveled someplace new and exciting? It doesn’t have to be somewhere across the world. It can be a hidden gem in your city/town. Share it with others on “Travel Tuesday!” Maybe we’ll travel there one day.

Wednesday: “What the Craft Wednesday”
Do you love DIY projects? Do you have any cool and fun arts and crafts to share? Blog about it on “What the Craft Wednesday!”

Thursday: “Tasty Thursday”
You created an awesome, tasty recipe and want the world to know about it? Are you a foodie and love to go on food adventures? Spread the word about it on “Tasty Thursday” or “Thirsty Thursday” for those who love drinks. 🙂

Friday: “Fashion Friday”
Have you been eying a certain fashion trend? You tried a new lip color, now it’s your favorite and can’t stop recommending it? Brag about it on “Fashion Friday!”

Saturday: Break Day
Phew! That was a ton of work. Give your phalanges and your brain a rest. Other option is to use this day to catch up on blogging.

Sunday: “Sunday Funday”
Did you have a fun weekend planned? Were you the newbie trying paddle boarding and had a blast falling off? Do you have any fun ideas to share for couples to do? Enlighten us on “Sunday Funday!”

Tell me what fun play on words you came up with for your daily blog posts!

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