Walking in My First Pair of TOMS Strappy Wedges

TOMS: One for One.
I own a few pair of TOMS slip-ons and they are very comfortable to walk around in. I could go for hours without any problems. Just make sure to wear some socks to prevent some smelly feet! And if the smell doesn’t seem to go away, try throwing them in the wash, just make sure it’s on the delicate setting.
On my recent travel to Seattle, I found these cute strappy wedges by TOMS in Nordstrom Rack. Now, I know that TOMS made the peeptoe wedges, but I didn’t like the design very much. So when I was browsing the aisles in Nordstrom Rack, these red wedges caught my eye and I couldn’t let them go. I went back and forth deciding if I really should buy them, and of course, I couldn’t resist!
From what I remember, I purchased the wedges for about $50, which I think was a good deal. I’ve worn them a few times and they are comfortable to walk in and wedges in general are usually comfortable shoes to walk in. Ladies, am I right? I love the bright red color and the wicker wedge, which gives it a casual feel. The red is a nice pop of color to add to any outfit. I’ve worn it with a long, black maxi tulip dress and also with a neutral colored top with dark washed jeans. But what I really like about this wedge is that it fits my tiny feet! I wear a size 5.5 (US). I know, baby-sized feet. The plus side is I can get away with youth sized sneakers!
What kind of TOMS do you like to wear? How do you like to dress up your TOMS?

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