Exploring the World of Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

On my recent travel to Seattle with the boyfriend and family, we checked out the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, which was also right next to the Space Needle. I heard lots of great things from my family about the museum and art pieces and how it was amazing, a must-see. They were right, it didn’t disappoint.

The boyfriend and I purchased the package deal for admission to both the glass museum and Space Needle, which was pretty cool. If you go early enough, the prices are cheaper.

Walking into the museum, you’re greeted with this sleek black and white wall and to the right is the entrance to the gallery.






This glass art piece was actually a part of the ceiling and the colors were vibrant, it made it hard not to say, “WOW.” When I stood underneath it and looked up, I had this feeling as if I were under water and I was looking up at a swarm jellyfish floating by. I have to say, this piece was one of my favorites throughout the museum.

The Mille Fiori was another favorite of mine. Even though this piece was assembled to be a garden of flowers, I saw the underwater sea floor, like in The Little Mermaid. Something about it made it seem magical, like being in another world.

The glass museum was pretty magical and I’d go again and see more of Chihuly’s glass art work if there’s more in the future. If Chihuly does have more work, please comment and let me know. Have you been to any cool museum’s?

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