My First Live Audience Taping for The Conan Show

My boyfriend loves watching The Conan Show and he was able to win tickets from the Team Coco website! The taping was on Monday, May 16th.

This was actually my second time experiencing a live taping and a first for my boyfriend. The first time, I got to watch ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew) taping, which was pretty cool too.

Heading down the elevator, but first! A ceiling mirror picture!

Once we were all checked in, all we had to do was wait and the wait wasn’t very long to get inside the set. While we waited, there was water for drinking and benches for sitting. Cellphones were allowed inside, it just needed to be turned off.

We went on the Warner Brothers Studios lot in Burbank, CA and inside the lot, we got to see some of the outdoor sets! It was pretty cool to walk by the huge space and buildings where TV shows were filmed.

Inside the set, it was air conditioned (yes!) and the audience seats were comfortable to sit in, like theater seats. The set was actually small, but on TV, it looks big.

The best part was seeing the guest celebrities and of course, Conan O’Brien and his string dance!

Before the actual show started, Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band performed some sweet, jazzy tunes. I loved it! I would love to see them perform outside of show, if only their shows weren’t in LA.

The first guest was Bradley Cooper from the movie Hang Over and he is mighty fine. 😉 And the following guests were Chris O’Dowd and comedian, Ryan Hamilton.

The taping was only an hour long and I was hoping for more because seeing it live was exhilarating! I would love to go again. It’s fun to experience a live taping and I recommend it to anyone to try at least once.

Leaving the Warner Bros. Studio, Gate 8. See you next time!

4 Replies to “My First Live Audience Taping for The Conan Show”

  1. It sounds fun! I want to see a live taping too
    I gave you a blog award 🙂

  2. Can I ask you how long the ABDC taping took? I'm going to one tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect.

  3. Sorry for the delayed reply, I'm rarely blogging these days! I know this is probably not helpful anymore, but someone else may find it helpful.

    The day of the taping, you'll need to arrive early to find the parking structure where you'll receive your band to get into the show and you'll also get a number – the earlier you come, the lower number you'll get. While still in the parking, your number will be called in numerical order. Once the people round you up, you cross the street, entering the Warner Bros. gate. You'll walk a little and will end up in another line where you will have to wait – there's a lot of waiting.

    After they call the line you're in, you'll fall in line and follow someone to the actual building where the taping occurs. You get to see other buildings where different tapings occur. Again, you'll wait outside the building and once you are in, someone will ask how many people you are with and they will direct you where to sit.

    Enjoy the show!

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