What to Make with Perler Beads

Way, way, waaaay back in middle school I started making fun things with Perler beads. I started out making key chains with the first letter of peoples names and they would wear it on their backpacks.

All you need are:

Perler beads

Perler bead peg board


Parchment paper


With your idea in mind, start placing the beads on the peg board then put the parchment paper on top of the beads and gently press down with the iron. Move the iron around to apply even heat. Remove from the peg board and repeat to iron.

No peg board? No problem! Make sure to work on a flat surface and with your hands, carefully place the beads to your liking. Carefully place the parchment paper on top and iron lightly to melt the beads together. Repeat the same process to the other side.

Here are some things I made with the Perler beads. The star from Super Mario, a flower, Piyo-Chan, Rilakkuma, Domo, Slime from Dragon Quest, and Mega Man!


There are so many things you can design with Perler beads! What did you come up with?

2 Replies to “What to Make with Perler Beads”

  1. I remember these. I had made a heart and star way back when. Although, I like your star better because it has a face. Hehe…

  2. Thank you! I'm sure if you tried to make some now, they'll be much better than before. 😉

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